Fatty Foods Make You Smart

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Fatty foods may help pilots concentrate
“That was the surprising finding of a new military-funded study that sought to figure out what types of foods were best for pilots when missions restricted when or what they could eat.”

Drug Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Women
“Several clinical trials have evaluated the effects of lipid-lowering medications on coronary heart disease (CHD). Many of the trials have not included enough women to allow sex-specific analyses or have not reported results in women separately.”

The Dangers of Texting While Driving
“Imagine a 23% greater risk of crashing if your texting while driving. With people calling for stiff penalties for texting while driving, this video shows some startling statistics of how serious this really is.”

Cooking Made Us Human
“On the other hand, raw diets cause health problems. They include low bone mass in the back and hips, low levels of vitamin B12, low levels of the good HDL cholesterol and high levels of homocysteine, which may cause heart disease.”