Chiropractor Reading MA – Only 10 percent of the make up you use may be safe!

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Women Put an Average of 168 Chemicals on Their Bodies Daily
“Almost 13,000 chemicals are used in cosmetics, and only about 10 percent have been evaluated for safety.

Organic Meat Not Safer Than Nonorganic Options
“Organic meat contains the same amount of carcinogens if not more. Note we are not talking about grass fed meat only organic versus not organic.”

The SmartPlate Measures the Nutritional Value of Your Food
“If you’ve ever used calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal or Lose It, you know how a lot of guesswork is involved in tracking the amount of food you eat. A new project from a little-known health food startup called Fitly wants to change that with its SmartPlate.”

Chiropractic More Effective for Back Pain than Medical Care
“This study based used a practice-based, observational model to look at the effectiveness of intervention in a selected group of patients with both acute and chronic lower back pain.”