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Techniques to Breathe Easy During Your Workout
Breathing may be one of the only things you do every day that does not seem to require any effort. But, even though you can do it without thinking, its power should not be overlooked: Read more


A Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency Might Cause Fatigue
Feeling fatigued? An article in U.S. News & World Report suggests that you should get to the bottom of your sleepy state, as it may be an indication of other health issues:
Read more


Banning Trans Fat: Study Shows It Improves Public Health
The FDA recently announced that it was enacting a ban on artificial trans fats that are added to food products. But will this policy actually improve health outcomes?: Read more


Vitamin C May Provide Some Benefits Associated with Exercise
Cannot find the motivation to hit the treadmill? The Los Angeles Times reports on a new study that offers up an interesting new perspective on this dilemma.: Read more


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