So you have headaches?

Often times, what happens is that your brain is trying to tell you right out of the gate that it is not working properly for you.  There is something going on, and you can take over the counter medications, you can get massage, or you can stretch.  You can do all of these things but those are only temporary relief.  So what we do is that we look at your spine because often times that is the main culprit to a headache. You are misaligned up under your skull and that is usually the top two bones in your neck are most commonly at fault and your jaw could be contributing to that as well.

So how can you tell? 

Well, you will have chronic tension up under your skull.  So, when you touch the side of your jaw, it would be tender.  How about up under here (video showing the muscles on the side of your neck going from under your skull down to your collar bones), a lot of people carry a lot of tension in their upper back area as well as the muscles in through here (video showing the muscles in the front and side of neck).  Now, we look to see what kind of misalignments are occurring up under your skull as well as the rest of your spine. To see if that is the contributing factor to your headaches, and then we help you to heal yourself by realigning the spine and strengthening that area.

Now that might not be the only thing contributing to your headaches, their might be other factors  as well like things in your environment that could be triggering your headaches or things that you are putting into your body to use as food.  These things can create inflammation and we look at this as well. 

Now emotional things can create headaches as well. Stress! Oftentimes, I find that when the nerve interference is released due to spinal misalignments. You are not the hamster in the wheel anymore, and you are able to manage your everyday stresses better.  When that happens, oftentimes headaches are eliminated or significantly reduced.