Sick Frequently?

Did you know that your nervous system and immune system go hand and hand. Your nervous system which is your brain and spinal cord. Tells everything in your body what to do, and your immune system works right beside it. So if you are susceptible to colds, flu, or you have a general fatigue. Your body is working much harder than it is supposed to. 

Are you concerned when someone sneezes or coughs around you? You quickly get antiseptic wipes because your afraid you are going to catch that cold or you just know you are? That’s your bodies way of telling you that it is not functioning properly. Most of the time the first two bones in your neck are not aligned properly. When that happens is that your immune system can’t work at it’s optimal potential. 

A great way for you to check yourself; to see if these bones are align properly. It just to look from one side to the other and straight ahead. If your ears are not balanced and one of your ears are higher than the other. Or your are rotated, that tells you that your nervous system, brain and spinal cord, are not functioning correctly; right at the beginning stage of it. Right where the brain and spinal cord meet. And that puts your body in a state of disease. When you are in a state of disease, where your nervous system has to function harder for you for the day. It makes you more susceptible to colds, flu, and general fatigue, and that is what decreases your immune system. 

Now there are other factors that are involved as well. There are chemical type stressors; these are things you are putting into your body to use as food. Or things that are in your environment, that might not be good for you. Those can also suppress your immune system and also give you misalignment thats right up under here. 

Also emotional type stressors can decrease your immune system as well. What I find with my patients is that, when we work on strengthening the nervous system, by decreasing interference with the spine. Looking at the nutritional aspect of what you are putting into your body to use as food or any chemical exposure you might be having on a regular basis. Emotionally you’re feeling better as well, your spirits are better, your immune system is stronger.