Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common symptom that people have.  Oftentimes, people think, “Oh, you are just getting old.”  Really, the problems contributing to your neck pain probably started as early as started.  How does that happen?  You were only a kid.  Well, by the time you were 4 years old you had about 4,000 traumas to your spine and if you are anything like me you got into multiple accidents, things that wear and tear on your body, repetitive motion type things.  These are all things that can create spinal misalignments and when your spine is not aligned properly, your body will change, your posture will change.  Probably, if you look at a picture of yourself you would say, “Ok, my shoulders are hunched now, my head is tilted or rotated.  These things can be occurring which create interferences in your nervous system.  Your brain is trying to send messages down the cord and out to these nerves that go to the muscles and tissues and organs of your body.  Oftentimes, we don’t think of that.  We just think of it as a neck.  Well, if there’s interference there, your body will eventually illicit some form of pain.  Now, the question is, “How long will that take?” .  For some people, it can be instantaneous for others it could take decades and you could say, “Oh, it’s arthritis.”.  Well, this injury was probably decades before your arthritis showed up on an X-ray by the time you were in pain.  

It’s very important to look to the spine to make sure that it is functioning properly for you to help you to reduce your neck pain.  Not only will you feel better but your body will function better and you will see a totally new you and new level of health.