Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also be a time when you are not feeling like your optimal self and that can put a damper on the whole experience.  Sometimes pregnant women come into my office and they may have headaches, neck or back pain, sciatica, their digestion is really off and they have a significant amount of bloating.  When that occurs, their body is not working as well as it could for them because they are going through a lot of changes.  So, we look at the nervous system, brain and spinal cord, and see if there is anything interfering with that process.  

Oftentimes, as your stomach is growing or your breasts are growing, a lot of tension occurs in your neck and upper back or your hips start to tilt forward creating a lot of distress during your pregnancy.  Our job is to work with you to help you to remove these interferences and stabilize them; so, not only are you feeling well but your body is functioning at its optimal level during your pregnancy.

We also look at what you are putting into your body to use as food because that’s what is giving your baby the nutrients to generate and grow as well as for your body to repair and regenerate itself.  We want to make sure you are putting good foods into your body; if not, the baby will use your stored energy in order to grow which puts you into a distressed state and could be creating some of the symptoms that you are having.

For pregnant women, it is important to look at spinal alignment, posture, balanced pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as what the mom is putting into her body to make sure from a biochemistry standpoint she is functioning at her optimal level.

The next time you search for a chiropractor or nutrition near me to help you manage your pregnancy concerns, contact Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino.