There is a saying that goes, “If the twig is bent so grows the tree.”  It is so true when it comes to scoliosis.  Years ago, scoliosis used to be common in girls between the ages of 10-13 years old.  There wasn’t a lot of reason why that occurred.  The bones can be misshapen but other reasons are not really known.  The skeleton has just grown faster than the muscles, ligaments and tendons have stretched.  That makes sense.  What I have found in the most recent years is that young boys are becoming more prone to getting scoliosis as well.  Sometimes, with school checkups it is said that the spine is not that bad.  Actually, if something is crooked the best time to get it straightened out is when someone is young  They have a far greater chance of having their spine aligned properly and nice and straight when they are younger rather than when they grow into an adult.

Why would you want to get the scoliosis corrected?  Well, it is not just a vanity standpoint.  Did you know that your nervous system, brain and spinal cord, is encased by your spine by your skull and your spine and if it’s crooked, the nerves that are trying to get out from in between them some may not be able to flow correctly to the areas they are trying to get to.  This is not just neck and back muscles but they are also going to the organs of your body too.  You want to be as aligned as you possibly can be.  As straight as you possibly can be in order to function at your greatest potential.  That is why it is important to make sure that if there is a curvature of the spine.  If there is a scoliosis, a spinal screening is assessed and chiropractic adjustments are given to see if that scoliosis can be straightened out or significantly improved so that the body can function at its greatest potential.