Stress & Anxiety

Do you find yourself highly stressed and anxious? This is very common for a lot of people and there is help. You can do a lot of wonderful things for yourself. I have found that those patients that are often highly stressed and have a lot of anxiousness have interferences. Their nervous system is not working at its optimal potential and it is my job to help you find those interferences.

Oftentimes, misalignments in the spine; especially right where the skull is, can create a lot of anxiousness and high stress. You are not able to manage the things that are in your environment or your to-do list like you should be able to or as efficiently and effectively as you should be able to. When this happens, you feel like there are more monkeys on your back and you are just like a mule with all of these packages; just trying to get through your day. With that being said, we help you remove these interferences in your spine so your nervous system is working better. This means your immune system is working better and when that happens your brain is functioning better. When your brain functions better, you make better choices.

Perhaps part of this stress and anxiety could be that you are not putting the correct things into your body to use as food; so you repair, regenerate, and grow correctly. We look at that too with our nutrition programs. We want to know if there are things you are putting into your body that aren’t helping you with this (stress and anxiety) matter. Then we help you make proper food choices as well as helping you with proper supplementation; so you can build your body up to manage your stress better which decreases your anxiousness.

The next time you search for a chiropractor or nutrition near me to help you manage your stress and anxiety, contact Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino.